I'm 66 years old and been a farmer all my life, and have welded much machinery in my time. Now my 19 year old grandson is learning about the farm and machinery repairs, which require much welding at times. Its good to have an experienced instructor and book to learn the right ways to weld and make it hold. Your book is just what I'm looking for.
                                               Thanks, Ken M.

Dear Hal,
         I've got to tell you that I carried your ad around in my pocket for over a week trying to decide if I should spring for the $29 --- Well, I'm certainly glad I did --- I'm an amateur blacksmith and play around with iron a lot. But some of the info in your book will not be found in any other --- I know I read a lot.I made some copies of the ad you sent (Hope that's OK!) and I'm going to spread them around --- maybe I can help you sell a few. Experience is the very best teacher and you've shared tricks that others would keep to themselves. 
                                               Thanks, David

Dear Friend Hal Wilson,
    Thank you for the prompt shipment of your book WELDING SECRETS. As manager of a non-profit bookstore, I end up with some spare time which I devote to a part time welding shop. I came across your book in a nearby shop and thereby obtained your address. Since I have read your book I find it much more meaningful to work with metal and I find myself constantly referring to information I gleaned from you. I plan to list your book in our catalog.....
                               Sincerely, Sherman

Dear Mr. Wilson:
I received the welding book and I am really impressed with the information in it. I also like the "down to earth" way the book is written in. I especially liked the section on not welding the ends and on relieving stress in welded parts. I have taught high school classes for 22 years, and I commend you on your lifetime of welding, and your willingness to share your secrets! Thank you very much and I wish you the very best in your retirement. 
Yours Truly, Jim M.

Dear Mrs J,
    Our records show that your book was mailed on December 28 1990, but that does not mean that it was delivered to you. We had one other one that was not delivered.
    I am very sorry that this happened. I am enclosing a check for $29.95 to prove it. Wishing you the very best and I hope your son enjoys the book.
                                                Yours Truly, Hal Wilson

Dear Sir:
    Thank you for sending the book so soon after I called. I don't doubt that it was lost and am glad to receive the book. The check was definitely not necessary and I am returning it to you. It is a surprise to find someone so honest and we appreciate it.
                                            Again, Thanks.

Dear Mr. Wilson:
    I am enclosing a check for a copy of Welding Secrets for my son. Your book arrived yesterday and what a wealth of knowledge it contained! I'm so glad you put it in print so your expertise can be passed on. I very much enjoyed our telephone conversation. Best of God's blessings to you. 
                                                          Sincerely, Fred B.

   Excellent book for beginners and certified welders. Many interesting ideas that the average person does not know. I will make it standing reference material for all new personell.  

Dear Sir/Madam:
     I have read your book cover to cover and I love it that someone of this massive knowledge and talent has placed his/her ideas down on paper and shared them with others. Would you please send me two more copies and charge to my MasterCard. 
                               Very Truly, Sam S.

Got the Welding Secrets books last night and read one cover to cover. I learned more about welding reading that one thin book that I did in 2 full welding classes at the local college! What a great book!
                       Jim C.