A Man's Crusade Continues...

     Hal Cleveland Wilson, Flyco Machine Company President and author of Welding Secrets passed away on October 6, 1997. He was 86. The last years of his life were dedicated to preventing accidents and saving lives by sharing knowledge with others. From his vast experience as a welder, Hal wrote a book called Welding Secrets which explained where NOT to weld. Hal knew that most failures occurred next to the weld, not at the weld. It  troubled him greatly whenever he heard or read about an airliner going down or some other catastrophe. He sensed correctly somehow that it was possibly caused by a faulty weld. He always wanted to know how he could get a copy of Welding Secrets to the investigators of the accident so they would know what to look for. To date, many thousands of copies of Welding Secrets have been sold. And countless lives are being saved every year because of Hal's insightful accomplishment of putting his knowledge on paper. Network 6000 along with Hal's family, will continue to save lives by getting Hal's book into as many hands as possible in the years to come.

     "I have seen a lot of welds in my life. I've seen them on new products and on repair jobs. The variety of welds I've seen lately is enough to convince me that some people still don't know where not to weld.
     In this book I've tried to help those of you who will go on welding a long time after I am gone. I've tried to illustrate as clearly as I know how --- in words and in pictures --- some of the places that should not be welded.
     I've also included some tips that will help you do a better, safer job in places that should be welded.
     I hope this book will help you be a better welder. The information in it --- gathered the hard way over 49 years --- has certainly helped me."
                                                     Hal Wilson - Author, Welding Secrets




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